Black Forest Ham and Tarragon Tagliatelle

The rich smokiness of the ham is a surprising match to the aniseed freshness of the tarragon.

Turkey Dahl

A thick and comforting curry, slow-cooked in the oven.

Fennel Soup

A light, aromatic soup.

Herby Tomato Soup

Homely and filling with a chunk of brown bread.

Green Curry

A chicken curry coloured with green chilli - quite hot!

White Chocolate Fudge

A rich but very simple confection.

Passion Fruit Yoghurt

A light and refreshing dessert, made in minutes.

Olive Stuffed Peppers

A tasty main course for when the vegans come to dinner.

Seared Tuna on Tabouleh

Sounds a bit trendy, but it's very tasty.