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  • 2011
    • June
      • Modified Sudoku

        Tired with ordinary Sudoku? Try my modification! Look at the unsolved puzzle and count the clue numbers in each of the nine 3x3 boxes. Then, when completing the puzzle, use this as the base (radix) for that box. If a box has no clues then use Roman numerals. So in this example, the upper

  • 2008
    • August
      • Ubunbtu... in a can.
        This blog has ended up being mostly about walking and strange food and drink. How did that happen? Anyway, I'm sure this is another thing that everyone in the world has heard of apart from me, but today I bought my first can of Ubuntu Cola. I can't find anything on its web site linking it

    • June
      • EC-Council - avoid
        Work sent me on the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker course the other week, at quite considerable expense. I was looking forward to it - the outline of the course that I was given certainly looked comprehensive and I hoped to learn a great deal. I was even considering forking out the $250 for the

    • April
      • Podcast Proposal
        I felt like a cheesy radio DJ doing it, but I'm pleased Alice said yes to Ben's marriage proposal on PodQuiz 166. The question is though, is this the first podcast proposal?

    • March
      • Beware of online fraudsters using BBC Microcomputers

        I'm not sure whether the recent BBC story about the inventors of the Beeb reuniting at the Science Museum was an inspiration to the producers this week's episode of the consumer protection programme Watchdog. The Beeb makes an unlikely appearance in a story about fraudulent onl

    • March
    • January
      • Web Walking

        I've spruced up http://www.jfc.org.uk/ a bit, including the addition of a new walking web page, including mapping data and photos from the various walks I go on.

      • Google Maps game

        Here's a, erm, fun way to waste half an hour. What's the longest route you can create on Google Maps without any extra waypoints? The longest I could manage was 7994 miles, which Google optimistically estimates an 8 day and 4 hour drive.

        It's not as easy as you

  • 2007
    • November
      • Cerveja Viva

        Jo and I just got back from a holiday in Portugal (very nice thanks, photo's are online). Anyway, I drank quite a bit of this beer - nothing special, just a cheap local brew from the supermarket (Lidl, I think). It wasn't until the last day that i took a closer look at the label

    • August
      • By yon bonnie banks, and by yon bonnie braes
        I'm about go off-net for a couple of weeks for another walking holiday. This time it's the West Highland Way, followed by the Great Glen Way hopefully with a climb of Ben Nevis in between. All told we'll probably cover about 200 miles.

        Two weeks without touching a computer

      • Highland Renaissance
        Jo and I have just got back from a holiday in Inverness to celebrate her birthday. Most of her family live there so I've visited a few times, but something was different on this trip: decent beer.

        On all previous occasions that I've visited I've ended up drinking whisky. No

    • July
      • Starring the Computer

        A while back I signed up to some free introductory offers with DVD rental companies and, needing to fulfil their requirement of ten or fifteen titles on the list, I went browsing for a web site to tell me which films feature computers (yes, I'm a sad geek, I know). I was suprised to find

    • June
      • Going down, going down now!
        The server that hosted podquiz.com and jfc.org.uk died last night, and it looks like the hosting company isn't going to get it back any time soon. So much gnashing on teeth and DNS configurations, and everything's been moved to a temporary server elsewhere. There will be more disruption la

    • May
      • Hadrian's Wall
        I'm off tomorrow to walk Hadrian's Wall. We're doing it in five days, and the weather seems set fair for at least four of those days, so assuming we can find food (shops seem to be quite rare along the course of the wall - I wonder where the Romans got their lunch), all should be well

    • April
      • Google My Maps

        The My Maps feature in Google Maps is new and exciting. You've been able to do this sort of thing before using the API, and sites like Frapper have grown up around this, but that's all too much effort for most people, including me.

        I've had a quick go at making my own

      • Youtube copyright infringements
        As a follow up to my list of seven favourite songs, here are some appropriate YouTube videos:

        No luck finding the Aphex Twin track though...

      • Tag
        I've been tagged. I don't think I'm going to tag anyone else, so I probably fail in my duty, but never mind.

        Anyway, seven favourite songs. Hmm... this changes minute by minute but the current snapshop, in no particular order, is:

      • Welcome to the 21st century.
        I've finally succumbed. I said I'd never get a cell phone as well, you know...