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      • Google My Maps

        The My Maps feature in Google Maps is new and exciting. You've been able to do this sort of thing before using the API, and sites like Frapper have grown up around this, but that's all too much effort for most people, including me.

        I've had a quick go at making my own

      • Youtube copyright infringements
        As a follow up to my list of seven favourite songs, here are some appropriate YouTube videos:

        No luck finding the Aphex Twin track though...

      • Tag
        I've been tagged. I don't think I'm going to tag anyone else, so I probably fail in my duty, but never mind.

        Anyway, seven favourite songs. Hmm... this changes minute by minute but the current snapshop, in no particular order, is:

      • Welcome to the 21st century.
        I've finally succumbed. I said I'd never get a cell phone as well, you know...