Blog and Social Media

If you want to read about the fun and exciting world of James Carter, then my blog, Twitter feed or Mastodon profile are good places to look (or Facebook, if you must).


I enjoy walking, both long-distance walking holidays as well as shorter weekend walks.

I have a collection of classic computers. This section of the site is now working, after being pretty broken for a long time, but it is desparately out of date.

S/W and Docs

More geekery here, software and documentation that I have written and/or made available.

Pod Quiz

PodQuiz is an online trivia quiz, available as a weekly podcast.

Starring the Computer

A website devoted to computers in movies and television.

James' Photos

My online photo album, mostly of walks around North Yorkshire.


I like food. Sometimes, when an experiment in the kitchen has pleasant results, I remember to write down what I did.