Cgi2rc - A CGI interpreter for rc shell

Cgi2rc converts GET or POST CGI requests into environment variables in a form suitable for the rc shell (and probably others). It is available from

E2Key - a Linux user mode driver for E2Key

This software provides a driver for the 93C46 serial EEPROM on the NOVA-600 single board computer from ICP. It may well work with other boards. It is available from

Hunt the Wumpus - a port of the classic game to the PDP-8

A game of Hunt the Wumpus in the SIMH PDP-8 emulator

Hunt the Wumpus is a classic computer game, written in BASIC by Gregory Yob in 1972. This port is for the PDP-8, a machine that actually predates the game by a number of years. I've tried to keep this game as close as possible to the original (although I have corrected a few of Gregory's typo's).

This game is available from It is suitable for the PALBART assembler and, if you don't have a PDP-8 to hand, you could use the SIMH simulator.

IHex - Intel Hex converter

Ihex is a binary to Intel Hex converter that can deal with type 2 records. It's not well tested, but seems to be bug free. It is available from

Mod_suexec_helper - an Apache module for finer control of suexec

Mod_suexec_helper adds UserId and GroupId directives to apache, which are passed as arguments to suexec when starting CGI scripts. This allows much finer control of which user and group ID scripts get run as, compared to suexec's normal SuexecUserGroup directive that can only be used once per virtual host definition.

Mod_suexec_helper is designed to work with Apache 2.0, or 2.2, and is available at

Tetris - a tetris clone for bpbatch

Another exciting game of tetris.

Tetris is an implementation of the classic game for the boot-time scripting language bpbatch. Version 1.0 is a bit slow and inefficient, but it does work. It can be found at

VTE - a Viable Terminal Emulator

VTE displaying the VT100 torture test.

VTE is a terminal emulator for Plan9. It's far from finished, but it still provides a much more useful emulation than the hp2621 emulator shipped with Plan 9. It is available from When I finally get round to setting up a Plan 9 network at home, I'll finish it off.